Vallejo High School

Renovated Science Classrooms & Campus Upgrades

Vallejo, CA

Seeking to support student engagement, staff retention and overall occupant wellness, the renovation and modernization of Vallejo High School included significant upgrades to science classrooms, structural and mechanical improvements and enhanced accessibility throughout the campus.

Flexible, updated floor plans in the science classrooms and labs accommodate needed equipment and technology and feature upgraded casework and finishes while maintaining visual interest. Further improvements to these learning environments include new roofing and comprehensive updates to interior building systems to provide improved air quality, biophilic lighting and customizable temperature control. Restrooms were made more functional and accessible.

Making a Difference
This multifaceted renovation and modernization project provided Vallejo High School students and staff with a variety of environmental quality improvements that create more comfortable and effective learning and teaching environments.

School District
Vallejo City Unified School District

16,200 sq.ft. (Modernization)

Completion Date
January 2023

Final Construction Cost


High School
Science Labs