Quest Forward Academy

Alternative High School Renovation

Santa Rosa, CA

The 6,000-square-foot campus required the complete renovation of a former office building. Quest Forward Academy (previously NGL Academy) challenges the norms of traditional high school learning concepts and environments by fostering the skills and interests of each individual student through various types of learning methods, including student-driven exploration. In fact, the high school operates without actual classrooms.

In order to create a campus that would achieve these goals, QKA created a variety of interconnected learning spaces that would be able to accommodate different activities. There is a large open “Café” that supports large group meetings and presentations, as well as students working alone or in groups in a casual setting. This space is supported by seminar and conference rooms of various sizes for activities that require a bit more privacy and focus. The project also includes a makerspace for more hands-on and active learning activities and a Library area for quiet study. Lastly, the first floor includes a central reception and lobby space, offices, and food service. Technology and flexible furniture were used throughout the project to support ever-changing needs and growth related to student capacity, curriculum and programs.

"Faced with an extremely tight schedule, QKA delivered. They were a true partner and we were fortunate to have them on our team."
- Morgan Fischer, Project Manager, Quest Forward Academy

School District
Opportunity Education

6,000 sq.ft. (New Construction)

Completion Date
August 2017

Final Construction Cost


High School
Alternative Education


2017 Top Real Estate Award | North Bay Business Journal