Fremont Union High School District

Two-Story Alternative Educational Options Classroom Buildings

Cupertino, CA

The Fremont Union High School District (FUHSD) needed a new facility to accommodate their growing Educational Options programs, which serves students who require non-traditional learning environments to work towards a diploma or GED or prepare for the workforce. This required a flexible facility that could house multi-use spaces for several very diverse programs, as well as remain flexible for future programming changes.

With non-bearing interior walls and a highly customizable design, QKA’s Folia Building was chosen and easily modified to include classrooms and lab spaces, administrative offices, conference rooms, café, activity yard, and specialty classrooms, including a mock apartment complete with a kitchenette for life preparedness classes. Additionally, Folia enabled the delivery of these high-quality buildings in just 14 months (1 year sooner than a traditional custom building), and 10-15% less expensive.

Located at the District Office site, the 32,000 square foot Educational Options Center is composed of two, two-story classroom buildings. The buildings are linked together by bridges, forming a courtyard and outdoor collaboration space for students and staff.

Making a Difference
The District’s new Educational Options buildings support all students, including those requiring non-traditional learning environments, with appropriate and flexible spaces for success in diverse programs, such as GED and workforce preparation.
"We set out to build a small community, a place to accommodate the different needs of our diverse student body, faculty and staff. Our beautiful, state-of-the-art Folia buildings have enabled us to do just that. With high ceilings, light-filled rooms and adaptable space, these phenomenal buildings are worthy of our amazing Educational Options programs. They truly represent FUHSD’s core belief that with the appropriate support, everyone can be successful."
- Allison Coy, Director, Educational Options, Fremont UHSD

School District
Fremont Union High School District

32,000 sq.ft. (New Construction)

Completion Date
August 2019

Final Construction Cost


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New Construction
Alternative Education