Homestead High School

New Guidance & Support Services (GSS) Building

Cupertino, CA

Homestead High School’s new Guidance and Student Services (GSS) Building is a welcoming and secure “front door” to the campus. Relocating the school’s reception and administration areas from the center of campus to the edge adjacent to the visitor parking lot provides a clear and visible path of travel for those entering the school.

Improved facilities for staff, students and the community include new administration offices, a staff room, counseling offices and a College and Career Center, merging guidance and student services together in one convenient location. Natural daylighting and shading and energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems are used throughout the building.

Making a Difference
Homestead High School’s new GSS Building prioritizes guidance and college and career support for students. Faculty and staff also now have updated facilities for administration and reception purposes, with the building easily welcoming visitors to campus.
"The new Guidance and Student Services Building is highly functional with an architectural style that meshes beautifully with the existing buildings. QKA helped to transform our campus by placing the building at the front entrance, providing both easier access and better security, and replacing the old office that was hard to locate in the center of campus."
- Graham Clark, Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services, Fremont UHSD

School District
Fremont Union High School District

9,500 sq.ft. (New Construction)

Completion Date
July 2020

Final Construction Cost


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