Lynbrook High School

New Cafeteria, Gym Lobby and Quad

San Jose, CA

Part of a larger series of improvements being made to Lynbrook High School’s campus, the new Gym Lobby, Café and Quad replace outdated and underutilized spaces with versatile community areas. With a large transparent window wall connecting to the Quad, the Gym Lobby includes a display area, ticket sales and concessions, along with flexible space for various activities, including a high-volume ceiling for cheerleading practice. The new Café includes available seating for 300 and a food court providing several meal options and stations. Three large overhead glass doors open to the new Quad, offering ample space for outdoor dining and group meetings of various sizes. Additionally, the Quad includes a tiered amphitheater-like setting that can be used for drama, school band and orchestra concerts, and other outdoor events, while the Café will accommodate extra-curricular activities, such as movie nights and other major school events.

The three components of this phase of the project form an integral triad, with both buildings utilizing light, transparent curved glass and metal facades. The triad now serves as a welcoming focal point of the new front entrance of the school.

Making a Difference
With built-in flexibility and the ability to accommodate many indoor and outdoor uses, Lynbrook High School’s new Gym Lobby, Café and Quad areas are a welcome upgrade from previous unsuitable facilities.
“The cafeteria and quad are the center of student life and activities. The new cafeteria is a multi-functional building that serves meals to more than 1,500 students a day while still providing a welcoming space for staff meetings, parent meetings and practice space for after-school student groups. The adjacent quad integrates seamlessly with the cafeteria by the roll-up door system. The students absolutely love their new cafeteria and quad!”
- Graham Clark, Superintendent, Fremont UHSD

School District
Fremont Union High School District

3,275 sq.ft. (Gym Lobby) (New Construction)
13,543 sq.ft. (Cafeteria) (New Construction)
73,950 sq.ft. (Quad) (New Construction)

Completion Date
December 2020

Final Construction Cost


High School
New Construction
Gym Lobby