Cupertino High School

New Student Union

Cupertino, CA

This project combined three elements of the school into one facility: the Administration & Guidance Student Services building, the library and the food service and café area.

The Student Union is a central gathering place used by the whole school population, similar to a junior college student union, as opposed to a dated and decentralized high school layout. Open to students all day, and used by the community during nights and summers, flexibility is a central programmatic theme. The building embraces the informal, collaborative and technology-based learning that is the core of Silicon Valley culture, creating a collegiate atmosphere and is the social and academic hub for the school.

"The process of creating the Cupertino High School Student Union was as close to a perfect experience as I have had in my over 42 years as an educator. This building is Fremont Union High School District’s equivalent to the Statue of Liberty. It is what I wish all students could have when they come to school to learn."
- Polly Bove, Former Superintendent, Fremont UHSD

School District
Fremont Union High School District

32,976 sq.ft. (New Construction)

Completion Date
January 2014

Final Construction Cost


High School
New Construction
Student Union