Bay Farm School

New Classroom Building and Courtyard

Alameda, CA

This new four-classroom building featuring an outdoor teaching patio and landscaped courtyard replaces six portable classroom buildings to better accommodate over 180 students. The project includes high-priority improvements to the accessibility of toilet facilities and parking, replaces a badly deteriorated asphalt play area and relocates a secure bike parking area.

The relatively soft soil of the site’s location on a San Francisco Bay island posed a major challenge. This had caused not only the deterioration of the asphalt play area’s surface, but also a misalignment — due to uneven settlement — between the previous portables and the site’s walkways. To fix this underlying problem, structural slabs were extended beyond the footprint of the new building (which is supported by deep pier foundations) to create walkways that will never be misaligned with the structure’s floor.

The resulting classroom facility and surrounding land and hardscaping provide students safe, next-generation spaces to learn and play.

Making a Difference
Bay Farm students now have access to new, next-generation classroom areas in which occupant health and wellness are a priority. A new auxiliary teaching patio and landscaped courtyard make access to outdoor education possible. Additionally, site improvements eliminate hazardous concrete and asphalt conditions and increase accessibility.

School District
Alameda Unified School District

5,419 sq.ft. (New Construction)

Completion Date
June 2023

Final Construction Cost


K-8 School
New Construction