Bacich Elementary School

New Administration and Classroom Building

Kentfield, CA

Emphasizing modern and flexible learning environments, an outdated classroom building was replaced with a brand new 11,000 square-foot space with room for breakout spaces, a Maker Lab and centralized administration spaces. The Maker Lab boasts an outdoor work area and central creative play area that can be accessed from all classrooms.

The building also includes a welcoming new Administration office, which is positioned at the school entry to better control access to the campus and improve safety and security. In addition, a new creative play space courtyard is already a favorite place for students. Lastly, the project included repurposing an undersized Administration space to better accommodate needed staff areas and an English Language Learners classroom.

Making a Difference
Providing hands-on learning, play spaces to foster creativity and safe and secure office areas, the new Administration and Classroom Building project at Bacich Elementary utilizes space wisely, delivering flexible and appropriate facilities for students and staff.

School District
Kentfield School District

11,000 sq.ft. (New Construction)
1,550 sq. ft. (Modernization)

Completion Date
September 2019

Final Construction Cost


Elementary School
New Construction
Maker Lab


2019 Top Real Estate Award | North Bay Business Journal