Aragon High School

New Visual Arts, Robotics & Biotechnology CTE Building

San Mateo, CA

The new Aragon High School Career Technology Education (CTE) Building provides facilities to support several of the school’s most popular programs. The ground floor includes computer classroom and studio space for the digital arts and multimedia programs and an engineering shop for robotics and other related programs needing tools and fabrication facilities. The second floor has two state-of-the-art biotechnology labs, with related support spaces.

The new building extends north of the existing science wing, creating a new and enlivened main entry for the school, with second floor walkways overlooking the main drop-off area. Interior finishes were designed for their durability and compatibility with the high-tech programs offered within the facilities.

Making a Difference
With an emphasis on high-tech programs, Aragon High School’s new CTE Building facilitates accelerated learning in digital arts and multimedia, engineering and biotechnology, all critical fields in today’s world.
"The facility accelerated academic goals by supporting our educational programs. These highly respected learning spaces were exceptionally planned and in the end, they allowed students and staff to focus on learning, communicating, creating, and growing."
- Elizabeth McManus, Former Associate Superintendent of Business Services, San Mateo UHSD

School District
San Mateo Union High School District

9,000 sq.ft. (New Construction)

Completion Date
July 2012

Final Construction Cost


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