Mendocino K-8 School

K-8 Campus Unification

Mendocino, CA

Mendocino’s elementary and middle schools share a common site but were formerly physically and administratively separate entities. In 2002, the existing elementary school building was closed due to structural damage. In light of declining enrollment, the District opted to create a new learning community by combining both campuses into one K-8 school.

A new building merging both the elementary and middle schools created common centralized spaces while allowing for age-appropriate activities. As part of the project, portions of the elementary school building were demolished and the facility was reconstructed as an updated space with a new library, administration, specialized classrooms, multi-use room, kitchen, and central plaza that linked the two schools both physically and programmatically.

"The campus is truly a work of art and a building the community is proud to support."
- David Miller, Former Superintendent, Mendocino USD

School District
Mendocino Unified School District

12,770 sq.ft. (New Construction)
24,000 (Modernization)

Completion Date
February 2011

Final Construction Cost


K-8 School
Multi-purpose Room