Fremont High School

Campus Transformation

Oakland, CA

Resulting in a completely new experience for students and staff, Fremont High School’s significant modernization and new construction project allows the campus to accommodate growing enrollment and focus on modern learning and career readiness programs. Designed in collaboration with LCA Architects, the project included a new modular 12-classroom building, as well as the complete renovation of an existing classroom building and historic campus library. In addition to seismic upgrades, new exterior skin and building systems, the building’s updated interior classroom layout provided space for science labs and specialized CTE classrooms for Digital Media, Architecture and Engineering, including an audio/video recording studio, drafting lab and maker space.

The project also included a new gymnasium, fitness center and regulation size football stadium, allowing the school to host home games for the first time in its history. Both the gymnasium and stadium are equipped with video scoreboards with fiber connections to the Digital Media classroom for live production capability during games and student training. A new Wellness Center provides on-campus medical and dental services. Updates to the campus layout allowed for the addition of a parking lot, entry gate and revamped reception area, including a conference room and staff work space.

Sustainably-designed, the project includes ample daylighting and natural ventilation, rendering it Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) Verified and Solar Ready.

Making a Difference
Fremont High School’s facilities can now accommodate the enhanced learning programs and activities its students, staff and community desire. New Digital Media and Architecture and Engineering CTE classrooms help prepare students for the professional world, while new and updated athletics and wellness facilities foster a healthy environment for all. The project also prioritized sustainability, earning the Collaborative for High Performance Schools certification.
"Our community loved working with QKA because they listened closely and were authentic with our facilities committee at every project phase. With them, we were able to rebuild community trust and create new memories for decades to come."
-Nidya Baez, Principal of Fremont High School

School District
Oakland Unified School District

45,000 sq.ft. (New Construction)
40,000 sq.ft. (Modernization)

Completion Date
December 2021

Final Construction Cost


High School
New Construction
Weight Room
Science Labs
Digital Arts




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