Encinal Junior & Senior High School

New Classroom Building & Campus Modernization

Alameda, CA

Serving the Bay Area’s tight-knit island of Alameda, Encinal Junior & Senior High School needed a significant transformation following years of deferred maintenance and the detrimental effects of the area’s climate. The campus modernization and new construction project remedied many issues, including undersized classrooms, infrastructure and accessibility problems, and a lack of outdoor gathering spaces, creating next generations learning environments.

Extensive modernization work included the complete renovation of a two-story building to enlarge classrooms and add a new science classroom. New doors, windows, finishes and mechanical and electrical systems were installed. Other classroom buildings were similarly updated, including new technology and AV systems. A new 10-classroom building with science labs and a maker space was provided to replace buildings that were found to be beyond repair. Site improvements created a new student quad at the school’s entrance, as well as a courtyard at the new classroom building, both facilitating small and large gatherings.

Improving indoor air quality and daylighting was also paramount to the project. New exterior solar shades and heating and ventilation systems were installed. To bring in natural light while also protecting occupants from unwanted solar heat gain and glare, new sun shades, deep overhangs, a covered balcony and a clerestory window were used.

Making a Difference
The community of Alameda once again has a campus to be proud of and that will serve future generations of students with vastly improved learning environments.
"QKA transformed our badly outdated campus with a 1960s look into a gleaming 21st Century learning environment. Encinal Junior & Senior High School is now a source of pride for the community and able to meet the needs of students and staff alike."
– Robbie Lyng, Senior Director of Construction, AUSD

School District
Alameda Unified School District

16,000 sq.ft. (New Construction)
136,000 sq.ft. (Modernization)

Completion Date
November 2021

Final Construction Cost


High School
New Construction
Science Labs