El Molino High School

New Performing Arts Center

Forestville, CA

El Molino High School’s new 289-seat Performing Arts Center (PAC) has given the school’s robust drama, band and dance programs a dedicated and fitting venue to perform and learn. Students and teachers were previously using half of the Cafeteria for practice and performances, getting by with a makeshift stage and seating area. The new PAC includes a stage with pipe grid for prop and lighting support and cross-over space, ticket sale area and light locks at entry points with a roof canopy, as well as a technical ledge at the mezzanine level with control room, support rooms, cat-walk, stair and accessible lift. The project also provided a full lobby area with restrooms and back of house spaces, including a common green room and dressing rooms.

The new PAC has allowed the school to enhance its stage craft curriculum offerings, with the building itself serving as a teaching tool in regard to the technical side of running a theater. The facility also serves as a great venue for school assemblies and presentations and is available for community use.

Making a Difference
El Molino High School’s talented and passionate performing arts programs now have a state-of-the-art facility to practice, learn and perform in. The broader school and community are also benefitting from the new venue as a place to hold assemblies, presentations, speaking engagements and more.
"The small intimate Performing Arts Center is a gem and a stunning addition to the campus. Everything from the lobby, the house and back-of-house was designed with such detail - this is just a beautiful facility."
- Jennie Bruneman, Director of Facilities, West Sonoma County UHSD

School District
West Sonoma County Union High School District

9,000 sq.ft. (New Construction)

Completion Date
August 2020

Final Construction Cost


High School
New Construction
Performing Arts


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