Bella Vista Elementary School

New Campus

San Ramon, CA

Bella Vista Elementary School, the District’s first brand new campus with a maker space and the first elementary school to tout Project Launch – a program focused on science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), resulted from collaborative relationships and shared visions for this new school, which was erected in a tight space and on an aggressive construction timeline. Utilizing lease-leaseback delivery and to support East San Ramon’s new housing development, the new school, comprised of two-story classroom and multi-purpose buildings, a library, two-sided stage, and administration and after-school childcare spaces, was designed to be fully integrated into the community setting through the use of joint-use play fields.

QKA designed the campus with particular attention to exceeding the District’s energy performance standards, especially to offset the warm East Contra Costa County climate. Features include strategic building positioning and operable windows to allow for natural ventilation in all classrooms, energy efficient lighting and mechanical systems, drought tolerant landscaping and recycled water for irrigation.

Making a Difference
The brand new Bella Vista Elementary School supports a needed and new housing development in East San Ramon with an emphasis on hands-on learning, STEM disciplines and sustainability.

School District
San Ramon Valley Unified School District

77,000 sq.ft. (New Construction)

Completion Date
June 2016

Final Construction Cost


Elementary School
New Construction
New Campus
Multi-purpose Room