Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Representation matters. Different voices, experiences and backgrounds make our workplaces stronger, resulting in innovation and progress that will benefit the coming generations. At QKA we are taking the following steps to ensure our firm and industry are diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Diversity in Business Award

QKA is proud to have been recognized in this inaugural awards program that celebrates our efforts to formalize DEI as a pillar of the company, ensuring our workplace is diverse and inclusive and that we are making a positive impact on our community and industry. QKA’s DEI Council has made great strides in inclusive hiring practices, internal mentoring and training programs and community outreach to underrepresented groups, exposing them to careers in building and design.

QKA participates in a social justice and equity transparency and reporting tool to help us identify the areas where we are doing well and the areas where we need to improve. Learn more about JUST here.

QKA JUST scorecard

Action Plan

We have developed and implemented a detailed plan to guide us in making tangible progress in ensuring QKA is diverse, equitable and inclusive. This includes increasing the gender and ethnic diversity of our staff and leadership, as well as the philanthropy and volunteering initiatives we pursue.

DEI Council Meeting

DEI Council

This employee group leads our DEI efforts and works with the management team to guide policy and programs to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. The DEI Council has led our Just. Implementation, as well as annual DEI training for all staff, along with many other efforts.

Education Outreach

QKA is dedicated to improving diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry
as a whole and participates in outreach to underserved communities to raise awareness about careers in Architecture, Engineering and Construction. We also mentor youth interested in learning more about these careers.

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