California Maritime Academy

New Residence Hall & Master Plan Study

Vallejo, CA

The California State University Maritime Academy (CMA) is a specialized California State University campus where students study international business and logistics, facilities engineering technology, global studies and maritime affairs, marine engineering technology, marine transportation and mechanical engineering. Design of 65 new dual-occupancy dormitory rooms, three Resident Assistant suites, a fitness room, three study rooms and a new parking lot for the institution were part of a mandated expansion of the campus from the CSU Chancellors Office. With resident life a significant component to CMA’s campus leadership program, the new dormitory aids in CMA’s goal to have all students live on campus.

After completion of the dormitory, QKA collaborated with CMA President Thomas A. Cropper on a Master Plan Study on re-envisioning this unique campus to support existing programs, as well as identifying opportunities for expansion and greater cohesion. A topographically constrained campus, the master plan was a useful graphic visual aid in exploring the potential for the future building development.

California State University – Maritime Academy

30,000 sq.ft. (New Construction)

Completion Date
December 2009

Final Construction Cost


Higher Education
New Construction
Residence Hall / Dormitory

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