What We Do


What We Do

What We Do

First things first, how the heck do you pronounce our name? 


“Hard to say, hard to forget” is what we like to say. Here’s a little bit more about us and the awesome work we do.

Our Mission
QKA pioneers innovative and sustainable design and master planning solutions to school districts, ensuring that every project introduces or improves the 21st century education experience for every student.

Make a Difference
We are passionate about making a difference in education. Using our expertise and vision, we design purposeful and distinctive learning environments that make a positive impact on children, families and faculty. We find this work both challenging and rewarding. Read more about our design philosophy here

Work on Really Cool Projects
Schools present a wide variety of types of spaces and buildings that provide endless design opportunities and challenges. Foremost amongst these challenges is continuously finding ways to effectively build and renovate our schools to meet the changing needs of teachers and students in the 21st century. In addition, schools are often at the forefront of sustainable design with many implementing green building standards and pushing for Zero Net Energy status. 

While we don’t build skyscrapers or luxury condominiums, we do build amazing schools that change the lives of students and educators every day. We like to say we use our powers for good! Take a look at our favorite projects here.